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Dixon Tech to make Google’s Pixel 8 in India

22 May 2024

Dixon will manufacture 100,000 Pixel phones per month, of which up to 30% may be exported. Trial production has started, and the first batch may roll out in September.

After Apple started manufacturing in India, Google chose Dixon Technologies to make high-end Pixel 8 smartphones in the second-biggest smartphone market globally. Around 80% of the Pixel smartphones sold in India are Pixel 8.

These devices are made in Vietnam and China. Dixon’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Padget Electronics, entered an agreement with Taiwanese Compal Electronics to make phones for the latter. Compal is also a global manufacturing partner for Google products. Plus, Padget Electronics is a beneficiary of the Indian government’s production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme for mobile phone manufacturers. It offered to make Pixel 8 phones at competitive prices.

Dixon may manufacture upcoming and older Pixel models. Google is in talks with Foxconn about becoming India's second manufacturing partner. Currently, the above ₹50,000 smartphone market is dominated by Apple, with a 68% market share, and Samsung, with a 21% market share. Pixel phones collectively own 1% market share in India.

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