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Delhi skies may witness air taxis by 2026

20 Apr 2024

Archer Aviation plans to launch air taxis to cover the distance between Connaught Place, Delhi, and Gurugram in seven minutes for ₹3,000.

Besides the US and UAE, Archer Aviation plans to launch air taxis in India by 2026. It partnered with InterGlobe Enterprises, the owner of IndiGo Airlines, and intends to replicate its model of achieving economies of scale with higher trip volumes and lower costs.

Its air taxis, or electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) can take off and land vertically unlike helicopters. Moreover, being electric, it produces lesser emissions and noise. A way-way trip between Connaught Place and Gurugram will take seven minutes and is expected to cost ₹3,000, that is five times a cab ride. It will launch the service in Mumbai and Bengaluru after Delhi-Gurugram.

Archer Aviation is in discussions with Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to secure permissions. DGCA is formulating a policy specifically for urban air mobility, which differs from drone transport.

Archer Aviation tied up with Honeywell, Safran, and Garmin for component supply.

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