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Reliance Ajio, Amazon readying Meesho-like low price marketplaces

21 Feb 2024

The new marketplace, Amazon Bazaar, is onboarding sellers to offer unbranded products below ₹600. Reliance Ajio is building a similar platform.

Reliance Ajio and Amazon are building new marketplaces to compete with Meesho’s low price, unbranded product offerings. The upcoming marketplaces, Reliance Ajio Street and Amazon Bazaar, will offer a zero-commission model to sellers. The products will include apparel, shoes, jewellery, watches, luggage, home and kitchen, garden, and sports goods, among others, below ₹600.

Amazon Bazaar will be integrated into the main app. Besides onboarding fresh sellers, it allows existing sellers to move relevant products to the new platform. Ajio Street offers a 15-day payment settlement to lure new merchants.

Amazon Bazaar will offer deliveries within 2-3 days. Meesho offers zero commission or referral fee for merchants. It earns through add-ons like logistics services for sellers and advertising. Amazon Bazaar will not charge any closing fee to merchants using its Easy Ship service. To grow in India, these brands need to sell low-priced, difficult-to-find goods called longtail products at zero-commission models.

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