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Satellite communication to become mainstream in the next few years

Ishita Nigam

19 Oct 2023

MediaTek and Qualcomm have developed chipsets to support satcom, giving customers access to satellite communication for messages, calls, and broadband data.

Prominent chipmakers like MediaTek and Qualcomm have developed mobile chipsets that can use satellite communication or Satcom for sending messages, making calls, and using broadband data. This technology can facilitate information and data flow at high speeds across inaccessible or difficult to reach regions.

This technology can become mainstream if more Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) adopt it as per global open standards and develop it on a mass scale.

Currently, five to six devices worldwide, including iPhone 14 and 15, offer satellite connectivity. If companies adopt company-specific standards, this technology will be difficult to adopt on a mass scale. Elon Musk’s Starlink and Amazon have this direct to device satellite connectivity services and are pushing their own standards.

As of now, Satcom is used only for network coverage in emergencies and gives access only to messages. But in the next few years, it will also enable calling and data usage.

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