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Air India becomes world’s first airline to launch virtual AI

14 Nov 2023

Maharaja AI will facilitate flight checking and changes, baggage allowance, packing restrictions, check-in, airport lounge access, and refunds.

Air India became the world’s first airline to launch generative AI virtual agent called Maharaja. Powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI, Maharaja has answered over half a million queries since its testing phase launch in March 2023. It now receives over 6,000 queries a day and successfully responds to over 80% of them in Hindi, English, German, and French. It automatically transfers almost 15% queries to Air India’s contact centre.

Maharaja AI covers more than 1,300 areas, including flight status and changes, check-in, airport lounge access, baggage allowance, packing restrictions, and refunds. Air India’s strategy blends many machine learning techniques along with Generative AI. The software also has safeguards in place to prevent harmful language and slangs from infiltrating its conversational AI system.

Air India plans to roll out more advanced features driven by patent-pending technologies to expedite customer interactions and query resolution.

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