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Akasa Air begins allowing pets up to 10 kg in the cabin

9 May 2024

In November 2022, the airline first announced permitting passengers to carry their pets, like cats and dogs, in cabin or cargo as per their weight.

Akasa Air announced on Wednesday its plans to permit passengers to carry their pets weighing up to 10 kg, including the weight of the container, in the cabin. The limit was 7 kg earlier. They also allow pets weighing up to 32 kg with the container in cargo. The decision is based on customer feedback.

Besides this, Akasa Air is also implementing a new travel certificate policy, which allows pets’ travel certificates to stay valid for 15 days instead of three. This will facilitate customers booking a shorter return journey within 15 days, while customers travelling beyond 15 days will need a new travel certificate.

Since its launch in November 2022, Akasa Air has carried over 3,200 pets. In addition to Akasa, Air India allows pets in the cabin, while Spicejet allows them only in cargo. Air India Express permits passengers to travel with service animals.

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