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Apple records highest-ever sales in India in the March 2024 quarter

7 May 2024

Its two company-owned outlets in India generated revenue of up to ₹210 crore each in FY2024, becoming Apple’s top-performing retail outlets worldwide.

Driven by increasing sales of Pro models, Apple recorded approximately $2 billion in sales in the quarter ending March 2024. It had recorded roughly $6 billion in sales in FY2023.

Globally, Apple recorded $90.75 billion in revenue in the quarter ending March 2024, compared to $94.8 billion in the same period in FY2023. Its iPhone sales dropped by 8%  annually, mainly due to a decline in sales in the Greater China region, which includes Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore, as well as tough competition from Huawei.

However, Apple set a half-yearly revenue record in India and more emerging markets like Latin America, the Phillippines, Turkey, the Middle East, and Indonesia. One of the main factors contributing to its revenue growth in India is operational expansion and local manufacturing.

Apple India generates almost 95% of its revenue from product sales and the rest from maintenance and services. 

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