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CLA Global plans expansion in India

22 Apr 2024

It expanded its presence in India with Baker Tilly India Business Advisory and Consulting Services joining CLA Global's portfolio as a member firm last year.

The non-big four accounting and auditing firm, CLA Global formed a new entity in India last year, CLA Global Indus Value Consulting, with Baker Tilly India Business Advisory and Consulting as its member firm. It recruited over 20 partners and more than 300 employees across the country. It offers services in cybersecurity, taxes, data analytics, forensics, and technology implementation.

CLA Global serves profitable and growing mid-market clientele that is not yet listed and is away from considerable regulatory scrutiny. Its entities are structured into 14 industry groups across five services. Its Indian entity will also align with the same structure, thus promoting collaboration within their network worldwide.

CLA is present in 12 countries and plans to expand to 30 nations by 2024 end. Its US parent has invested USD85 million till now in the India arm and plans to invest USD500 million more over the next five to six years.

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