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Google to integrate AI chatbot Bard in all its apps

Ishita Nigam

26 Sept 2023

The tech giant will provide the AI chatbot Bard as an extension for all its apps like Gmail. Drive, Docs, YouTube, and the flights and hotel services.

Google has announced integrating its AI chatbot, Bard, with all its apps and services as an optional extension. So, data from all the apps will be available in Bard’s single chat window. User data will not be used to show them ads or train the chatbot. This feature will roll out after updating the PaLM 2, the Large Language Model (LLM) that powers Bard.

So, for booking a vacation, users can ask Bard to check for everyone’s availability from Gmail, look up flights and hotels, and run a YouTube search for places to visit at the destination – all from a single-window conversation with Bard. It will also provide a ‘Google it’ or ‘G’ icon to double check its answers from web searches.

Users will be able to share a Bard chat with other users through a public link, and the new user can continue the same conversation with the chatbot.

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