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How Cuemath is changing the rules of sales

Ishita Nigam

6 Sept 2023

The $400 million worth edtech platform, Cuemath is defying the rules of selling in the industry by converting salespeople into tutors and relying on referrals for selling.

Indian edtech industry suffered from the aftereffects of obsessive selling and misselling. While running to get millions of dollars of funding, it lost touch with the fundamentals of its product - quality education.

That's what prompted Cuemath founder, Manan Khurma to take the reigns back from Vivek Sunder, a former P&G and Swiggy. Khurma asked all its employees, including the salespeople, to start teaching so they could understand the product better.

To refine the system, Cuemath fired around 300 employees between May and August this year. Defying the industry practices and the lead generation channels Sunder created, Khurma is moving away from using his tutors as salespeople, rather focus on referrals. He is relying on AI integration to make a successful product that sells itself.

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