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McDonald’s and Crocs launch footwear merchandise

20 Nov 2023

The brand will offer a fast food themed footwear collection inspired by McDonald’s characters Grimace, Birdie, and Hamburglar.

McDonald's has partnered with Crocs to sell its fast food themed footwear in select countries, in some Crocs retail and wholesale outlets and The footwear range falls between $70 and $75, inspired by McDonald’s Birdie, Grimace, and Hamburglar characters. The Grimace-inspired shoes are faux fur lined sandals, while the other two are clogs. The red and yellow coloured clogs in sync with the brand’s theme will also be available. Customers can also get the option to buy matching socks starting at $20.

The merchandise includes McDonald’s themed Jibbitz charms like the brand’s golden arches, the Big Mac, and French fires that can be attached to the clogs. The fast food giant had partnered with British skate brand PALACE in August to launch limited edition merchandise. This is McDonald’s first-ever shoe collaboration as the brand attempts to utilise the similar fanbase the two brands share.

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