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Private driving schools to conduct trainings, issue licenses from June 1

23 May 2024

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways announced that private driving schools will be authorised to conduct driving tests and issue licenses.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways simplified obtaining a driving license. From June 1, it will authorise private driving schools to conduct the tests and issue the licenses. It has streamlined the documentation needed to apply for a two-wheeler and a four-wheeler.

These private centres will need to offer 29 hours of training over four weeks for a Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) license, including 21 hours of practical and eight hours of theoretical training. Schools will be charged ₹5,000 for renewing driving licenses without proper training.

 The learner’s license driving test and a repeat test will cost ₹50 per test. The learner’s permit (Form 3) will be issued for ₹150.

An individual’s driving license or repeat test will cost ₹300. A driving license will cost ₹200, and an international license will cost ₹1,000. Adding another vehicle to the permit will cost ₹500 extra.

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