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Quick commerce worth $5 bn in three years, half of the online grocery industry

2 May 2024

As per Goldman Sachs, Zomato’s quick commerce arm, Blinkit’s implied value is now more than that of the food delivery business.

Zomato bought Blinkit in June 2022 for $568 million, now implied to be worth $13 billion. In March 2023, it was evaluated at around $2 billion. Blinkit’s gross order value (GOV) is expected to grow at a CAGR of 53% between FY 2024 and 2027, compared to Zomato’s projected CAGR of 38%.

The massive, unorganised grocery industry, high population density in urban cities, and a profitable ratio of delivery costs to average order values drive the demand for Blinkit. The absence of intermediaries and organised channels in the online grocery domain and the large scale of operations give quick commerce platforms the pricing advantage. With around 7,000 SKUs, these platforms are better organised than Kirana stores, which own around 2,000 SKUs.

Quick commerce was launched with Zepto in April 2021. Today, it owns 50% of the market share, which is expected to reach 70% by FY 2027.

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