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Vistara cancels 50 flights in a day, reports delays as pilots call in sick

2 Apr 2024

Pilots are collectively protesting the new contract terms, revised salary structure of Vistara’s upcoming merger with Air India.

Tata-Singapore Airlines joint venture, Vistara, had to cancel 50 departures and report delays in over 150 flights due to pilots protesting against its merger with Air India. The new contract aligns with Tata Group Airlines’ compensation structure, offering them a fixed salary for 40 hours instead of the previous 70. Vistara pilots are uncertain of retaining their seniority after the merger.

Vistara issued a notice on March 15th asking its pilots to accept the contract terms by the day’s end or risk losing a one-time payout and indicating a lack of interest in joining Air India post-merger.

Vistara is operating wide-body aircraft B787-9 Dreamliner and A321neo and combining flights to accommodate passengers. It had to fly during night hours to abide by the DGCA rule that mandates more rest for pilots flying between 12-5 am.

DGCA and Civil Aviation Ministry have sought details of delays and cancellations from Vistara.

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