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What catapulted PhysicsWallah from ₹24 cr to ₹800 cr in three years?

8 Nov 2023

Charges much lower than the market, PW targeted the lower student pyramid, hooked them to free YouTube videos, and garnered a massive audience who paid the low fee for their classes.

High volume of registrations from students who craved more after watching their free YouTube sessions. This formula got PhysicsWallah levitating above the others. The humble physics tutor, who commenced classes in 2020, reported a revenue of 24 crores in FY 2021 that jumped to ₹800 crores in FY 2023. They focus on quality content for low prices.

Their significant amount of YouTube content hooked the students at the bottom of the academic pyramid. Usually, they get up to 50,000 students per batch, and last year alone, they taught 1.65 million students. They can keep the fees low because the extremely high registration volume compensates for it.

While the other edtech companies focused on the top 20% of students whom they could charge a higher fee, Physics Wallah targeted the bottom 80% who could only afford exam registration charges, not the abundant offline tuition they need.

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