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WhatsApp to charge global businesses ₹2.3 per OTP message

9 Apr 2024

Global companies like Amazon and Google now have to pay ₹2.3 per OTP sent to an Indian number, compared to ₹0.11 per message earlier.

Earlier, WhatsApp charged a flat rate of ₹0.48 per business conversation. But last year, it divided its business messaging into four segments.

First is utility messaging, earlier charged at ₹0.31 per message. It includes transactional messages like orders, shipping updates, and payment and appointment reminders.

Second is authentication messaging for user verification, password reset codes and account login notifications. It was charged at ₹0.11 per message.

Third is service and customer support enquiries like helpdesk updates and ticket resolutions, charged at ₹0.29.

Fourth is marketing and promotional messages, costing ₹0.73 per message.

Around 80% of WhatsApp transactions are authentication-related. Telecom companies charge domestic clients ₹0.12 and $0.05 (₹4.13) to international clients. This will now jump to ₹2.30 for global clients, classified as the authentication-international category.

Telecom companies and the government lose approximately ₹3,000 crore yearly in revenues and forex reserves as international giants use WhatsApp for cheaper business messaging. 

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