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Book Review


by Jack Welch

with Suzy Welch

We all love winning. As a Valentine's Day gift for my readers, I thought of doing something special.
Review a book that talks about winning.

Who should be reading this masterpiece? Anyone who is looking out to win in their professional lives.

And maybe personal lives too.


Jack Welch delves into his own experiences from his time at GE. He describes all sorts of challenges that can come up in our lives and carves the way out as well.

Key Highlights


Here are five reasons why every person working in the corporate, especially a Sales person, aka a Salestor, should read the book.


  • Simplicity and Practicality

Jack asks us to pay heed to the simplest things in life that we end up missing. The book gives most practical and simplest ways to ensure a win.

He begins the book with Mission-and-Vision statements, candor and differentiation. He describes what difference do these make and why should they matter to each employee down the line.


How many times have we paid heed to the thought:

“Lack of candor blocks smart ideas, fast action, and good people contributing all the good stuff they’ve got. It’s a killer.”?


  • Real-life Anecdotes:  

Anecdotes from Jack’s own experience are a gold mine that each one of us can get a key takeaway from. He’s got an anecdote to guide us through every kind of situation one can encounter in a corporate life.

  • Dealing with Difficulty

A difficult boss, a difficult colleague, or simply a difficult-to-sell product, Jack covers it all.

  • The Work-life Balance Conundrum

Jack takes us through his own journey on realising what work-life balance really means for different people. But the bottom line remains


“Most bosses are perfectly willing to accommodate work-life balance challenges if you have earned it with performance. The keyword here is: if”.

  • The Biggest Takeaway

The most effective solutions are surprisingly the most simple ones. More importantly, your values need to be strong. They will surprise you with the best workable solutions in the direst of circumstances. He opines


“And frankly, integrity is just a ticket to the game. If you don’t have it in your bones, you shouldn’t be allowed on the field.”

My take: the book is a must read.


It flows smoothly like a mystery and keeps you hooked. Jack speaks to each reader citing his views and using his own experiences to back them. Every reader is bound to have multiple takeaways from the book.

Have feedback on the book or the review? Share your comments below.

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