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Deep Gratitude!

A true inspiration for women looking to carve their own careers and finding their calling. Deepa has proved her mettle in different industries and profiles over the past 25 years. A few years back, she did an MBA and found her calling in Sales. And voilà, she rocketed through industries to greater heights! Today, she heads Corporate Sales for 3CIT Solutions in Mumbai.

An inspiration to Women in Sales, we caught up with her in Women’s Week 2022 to ask her opinion on these two key questions.

How has your relationship with Sales been? Can you share some key learnings that Sales has taught you that changed your outlook in personal life? And a personal habit that you used to become a successful salesperson.

I firmly believe honesty is the best policy. I learned this from my grandfather and father, who were successful business people and industrialists. This practice has always helped me in Sales and my personal life. I also practice the ‘Ask’ method and approach my clients with an open mind. I have built strong relationships with corporate clients based on trust and honesty in the past 25 years.

How did you change your selling techniques in the post-pandemic era?

The post-pandemic situation is tough. People become impolite if you bother them more than once. That’s why to respect the individual and get the desired outcome, I utilise a ‘short and direct’ approach where I try to get to the point as quickly as possible. To educate the client and make them aware of the newest products and technologies, I try to meet them personally to retain that human touch.

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