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Eureka, She Found Sales!

Everyone is a salestor and Sakshi has proven this fact time and again. An engineer by education, she took the mantle of sales in her own hands when her venture, Posist Technologies needed it the most. And then there was no looking back. She has built a global sales team in five countries and has done business in fifty countries. She enjoys the tags of Business World 40 under 40, and Hospitality Technology (US) Top Women in Restaurant Technology 2021. Today she has taken Posist to greater heights through her perseverance and selling skills which she puts to use every day.

We caught up with her to pick her mind on her relationship with Sales and what she expects in 2022 from the profession.


How has your relationship with Sales been? Can you share some key learnings that Sales has taught you that changed your outlook in personal life?

My relationship with Sales has been beautiful. Sales for me is a game where you keep challenging yourself & at the end of every challenge is a reward waiting for you. Therefore sales is the most balanced & meritocratic give & take relationship possible. What I have learnt in all these years is that sales is a science where you need the right mix of both EQ & IQ. You have to understand the need of your customer & sell him his want. To be a successful salesperson you should be a good listener and very punctual.


How do you think Sales has changed post-pandemic?

Post pandemic people have become more aware as a buyer. They know exactly what their problem is and what they are buying for. This has also reduced the no of meetings required to close. Also people are more open to digital sales. Enterprise sales still require physical meetings but then these are more impactful and certain. In 2022 as a salesperson you should be more empathetic as the world had gone through so much personally and professionally.

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