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Diversity is Thy Policy

Starting her career with Coca Cola, Suman achieved greater and greater milestones with Vodafone, Tata Teleservices, and IMA India. A sales superwoman who achieved 98% of her target while on maternity leave, Suman has had many milestones in the past one and a half decade of her career. Today she handles Projects Sales for Bennett Coleman.


​An inspiration to Women in Sales, we caught up with her in Women's Week 2022 to ask her opinion on these two key questions.


How has your relationship with Sales been? Can you share some key learnings that Sales has taught you that changed your outlook in personal life?

"So I would like to say that sales has made me what I am today. More than a give and take relationship, it has become an integral part of my life where my day just doesn't end before I think about numbers. I will say that sales is a passion and someone who follows a proper process will eventually just hit it right, and once you achieve your targets, it gives immense satisfaction. Also, it keeps you going. I have a personal habit that I like to be organised, so keeping a close track of my numbers and targets has helped me achieve them. One thing that I have adapted is, I have become more people-friendly, and now I don't shy away from stepping up to anybody and speaking."

How do you think Sales has changed in the post-pandemic era?

"Oh, a lot! I could never have imagined converting clients just by sitting in my personal study room over my screen. Virtual selling is possible, and 2021-22 has made it so. Also, the team now has become more dynamic, and various advanced tools that we use as CRM, which are constantly changing, has also added a lot of value and up-gradation in the sales process."

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