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Amazon opens up its fulfillment infrastructure for non-partner sellers

Ishita Nigam

1 Sept 2023

The eCommerce giant announced the launch of Multi-Channel Fulfillment, allowing small businesses and D2C brands to use Amazon’s logistics and supply chain services.

Amazon announced on Thursday the launch of its Multi Channel Fulfillment, allowing non-partner small businesses and D2C brands to use its logistics and supply chain services. This will enable these non-partner sellers to use Amazon’s warehouses and storage facilities for storing, picking, packing, and shipping their products through multiple sales channels, including their own website.

Amazon recently signed an MoU with India Post to facilitate cross-border logistics so its sellers in India can smoothly send their products abroad. It is also partnering with Indian Railways’ Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India to offer seamless domestic logistics solutions to its sellers in the country. The eCommerce giant pledged to log $8 billion of exports from India in 2023.

On the tech front, Amazon will soon roll out a generative AI tool and virtual assistant, Amazon Sahai, to help sellers on its platform clarify queries, list products, and analyse trends.

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