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Apple caught in a horde of anti-trust probes in the US

22 Dec 2023

Over a dozen companies approached the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate the tech giant for anticompetitive behaviour.

Over 12 technology advocacy groups wrote to the US Department of Justice requesting an investigation into Apple’s anticompetitive behaviour. Apple recently blocked Beeper, the messaging service that made iMessage compatible with Android devices through its app Beeper Mini. The move triggered a reaction from a horde of advocacy groups, like Demand Progress, the American Economic Liberties Project, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Fight for the Future.

Beeper Mini allowed Android users to experience iMessage features like tapbacks, blue bubbles, and end-to-end encrypted messaging between Android and iPhone users.

The DOJ has been probing Apple for anti-trust issues since 2020. Tech Oversight Project’s letter to the American judicial body called out Apple for favouring its products and issuing unfair policies for third-party apps and app marketplace. An ongoing anti-trust investigation in Europe could roll out a judgement in early 2024 against Apple’s control over the app marketplace and impose a fine.

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