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Apple unveils free password manager for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users

11 Jun 2024

On June 10 at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2024, Apple released the new app ‘Passwords’.

Apple’s Password manager app is an extension of the iCloud Keychain. It can facilitate logging into websites and devices, generating and storing, and importing passwords from third-party services. All passwords will be stored in iCloud Passwords.

The well organised menu may help the user access passwords easily. The app allows users to share, sync, and save passwords across devices. It stores user logins into categories like banking, social media, and online streaming. Face ID, Touch ID, and autofill replace manual password input wherever necessary.

The app is free for iOS18, MacOS 15, and iPad OS18 users and works with Vision Pro and Windows laptops. iOS18 also introduces the Lock an App feature, which allows users to lock and hide apps from unauthorised users.

After Samsung’s foray into AI-enabled Gemini in S24, Apple followed suit with AI-enabled Siri, to be launched soon. It plans to integrate GPT 4 into Siri, too.

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