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Bom Hang: The trauma of Vietnamese drivers for cash on delivery orders

15 Jan 2024

Drivers have to pay upfront to collect the COD orders. The driver loses money if the customer's address doesn’t exist or the order is cancelled.

Bom hang, or fraud orders for the most popular COD mode of online payment is the biggest nightmare for drivers in Vietnam. This market faces up to 15% of failed deliveries.

Bogus addresses, last-minute cancellations, or unreachable customers cause drivers to lose money on delivery fees, money they pay to restaurants for food pickup, and transportation charges incurred for the delivery.

Companies like Shopee, Be, and Grab have reimbursement policies, but drivers find them cumbersome and time-consuming. Most ask drivers to bring the undelivered food to their office, which costs them extra. These platforms allow drivers to mention the maximum amount they can risk on a COD order.

A horde of scammers has emerged that use fake numbers and addresses to trick drivers into paying for bogus orders. Drivers warn each other through Facebook groups by blacklisting addresses and numbers, but it is not always effective.

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