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Faster immigration for int’l passengers at Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru

29 Jan 2024

The government plans to roll out biometric checks, DigiYatra for international passengers to speed up the process.

International passengers travelling to and from India will soon be offered biometric immigration services at New Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai airports. The government is also working on making DigiYatra available to international passengers for electronic passport-based enrolment.

The biometric check-in will be first available for international passengers. Indians will receive it after the issuance of much-awaited e-passports, which are expected to begin this year.

E-passports will combine paper and electronic passports, with an RFID chip and antenna installed in the back cover. The passport’s first page and the chip will store the individual’s complete data. Indian government officials and diplomats have been receiving such passports since 2021.

First-time visitors will still need to enrol and clear immigration with facial, iris, and fingerprint scanners to be able to use the e-clearance during departure. It will reduce the touch points for passengers and lower their overall checking-in duration.

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