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Goa govt to come up with co-working spaces on its beaches

Ishita Nigam

3 Nov 2023

Co-working shacks called sea hubs will be set up this quarter; the state government plans to roll out the Homestay Policy this month to push tourism in rural areas.

Goa’s state government will launch co-working shacks called sea hubs on its beaches to pull crowds looking for such a space. Workstations will be set up on the beach so people can enjoy the view, indulge in water activities and food, and return to work in the sea hubs.

The state government aims to boost internet connectivity by 100% in the next two years. It is in discussions with the central government to consider BharatNet 3.0 to achieve broadband connectivity in even the remotest areas. It has partnered with Airbnb and will sign a deal with MakeMyTrip to make the homestay ecosystem easily accessible online.

The move comes as Goa has been receiving visitors under the ‘Digital Nomad’ category, which allows a person to stay in a country for up to a year while working remotely for an employer in a foreign land.

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