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Govt to set up 25,000 Graphics Processing Units clusters worth ₹10k crores

Ishita Nigam

4 Oct 2023

The move will assist AI-driven startups who need GPUs to process multiple computations simultaneously.

To assist AI-driven Indian startups, the government plans to set up 25,000 Graphics Processing Units (GPU) cluster costing between ₹8,000-10,000 crores. GPUs help in complex computations for AI processing and are hard to find and expensive for these startups. The move will help these companies scale operations and secure better funding.

Several AI-driven startups often petitioned the government to increase compute capacity, which refers to the software and hardware available to support AI workloads and applications. The new cluster will manifest as a Public-Private Partnership and the capacity offered to startups as a service. The proposal for the 25,000 GPU cluster will be finalised by year end.

Global supercomputers run on 30,000 GPUs, while India’s supercomputer, Airawat, installed in the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Pune, has 640 GPUs. The latest partnership between American giant Nvidia, Reliance Jio, and Tata Sons is expected to boost compute capacity in India.

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