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Jio AirFiber launch on Sept 19, 6G coming soon

Ishita Nigam

29 Aug 2023

Jio plans to achieve PAN India coverage of True 5G by December 2023. It will the fastest such roll out globally.

Jio is set to launch AirFiber on September 19, 2023. It is a personal hotspot device offering lightning fast internet speed without the need for any optical fibre wiring. It is a portable Wi-Fi powered by ultra fast True 5G internet.

The telco is also developing 6G capabilities and will be among the pioneers worldwide to offer this upgrade. This move comes after Airtel recently launched its own AirFiber on August 7.

Jio aims to expand its market from 50 million users of 5G to 200 million high-paying households. AirFiber will allow it to complete 150,000 connections daily from the 15,000 connections optical fibre currently achieves.

Jio 5G adds one cell to its network every 10 seconds and is present in 96% of the census towns in India. It plans to achieve PAN India coverage by December 2023 to become the fastest ever such rollout globally.

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