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MS Teams app to be launched on Android Auto in February

8 Jan 2024

Users will be able to join meetings and make calls directly from the calendar view mirrored on the car’s screen via the Android Auto app.

After a year’s delay, the Microsoft Teams app will finally be available on Android Auto starting in February. The app will allow users to make calls via speed dial and join meetings directly from the calendar view on the Teams app. Although driving and working are incompatible and illegal in many cities, this feature could come in handy, especially for parked cars, joining conference calls, or narrating tasks.

However, MS Teams won’t allow video calls, and users will have to park their cars and take video calls from their mobile phones. More details are awaited by the company. The Teams app has been available on iOS CarPlay since 2021.

Android Auto is Google’s app that mirrors phone functions onto the car screen. It offers enlarged icons, easy-to-browse menus and voice-activated controls to make it easier to command while driving.

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