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One app to track air, sea, land, and rail cargo coming soon

21 Dec 2023

National Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (NICDC) is involved in developing the app.

The NICDC is developing an app to track all consignments travelling by air, land, sea, road or rail. It will track and trace shipments according to their specific tracking codes, gauge the reliability of truck movement, and facilitate vehicle visibility in real time. This reduces lead time for the import-export cycle.

It also identifies empty trucks and containers within a 50-kilometre radius, which enhances logistics efficiency, reduces inventory carrying costs and improves empty container management. It aims to bring down logistics costs to 5-6% of the GDP, compared to around 9% in FY22.

Over 700 companies in the logistics, shipping, courier, and manufacturing domains have signed up on the app. Last year, the government launched a Unified Logistics Interface Platform (ULIP) under the National Logistics Policy (NLP), integrating 35 software of different ministries. The government is currently working on a truck hailing system, like cab booking apps.

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