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Reliance Retail begins superfast deliveries within an hour

26 Jun 2024

The company has started a pilot program to offer quick deliveries of groceries and FMCG products in some parts of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Reliance Retail launched a pilot program via its Jiomart mobile app, offering hyperlocal delivery in some parts of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. With the addition of more stores and expansion into other markets, it will reduce the delivery time to 30-45 minutes.

However, Reliance Retail will fulfil the quick delivery demand from its stores and warehouses. In areas without its own stores, Reliance will utilise the Kirana stores associated with the Jiomart Partner Initiative. These Kirana stores are connected to Reliance Retail’s backend and source products from its wholesale arms.

Reliance is using tech solutions like FYND and Locus to optimise fulfilment and delivery routes.

Currently, Reliance Retail delivers goods in between twelve hours and up to three days. Earlier, JioMart catered to online orders via WhatsApp in partnership with Meta Inc, launched in 2020. It started offering quick delivery via JioMart Express in 2021 and shut it down in early 2023.


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