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Reliance Retail expanding B2B apparel distribution, targets 50% new format stores

13 Dec 2023

Country’s largest retailer is increasing the distribution of branded clothing and fashion products to third party stores.

Country’s largest fashion retailer, Reliance Retail, is expanding its distribution of exclusive branded clothing and fashion products in third party stores across India beyond its own stores. The company already has over 50 exclusive brands in its portfolio, which will rise 2-3 times over the next few years.

Reliance Retail is running a pilot program under Ajio Business, which will be expanded by the summer of 2024. Eventually, the company will launch its apparel brands across Western and Indian wear, lingerie and innerwear, jewellery, fashion accessories, and footwear in the mid to premium range. Its products will be available across third party sellers.

Reliance expects the B2B apparel business to grow more revenue than its retail stores within five years. It owns 4,000 stores across brands and 2,600 Trends stores. Trends outlets will be expanded by 15% and newer retail formats by 50% yearly in the next few years.

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