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Telecom Department, mobile operators target fake int’l callers with Indian numbers

27 May 2024

The ‘Sanchar Saathi’ portal’s RICWIN module will identify international callers with an Indian number and assist users in reporting such callers.

The Sanchar Saathi portal, launched by the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) in May 2023, assists in identifying fake international callers with Indian numbers.  

These international criminals manipulate the Caller Line Identity (CLI) to display local numbers to conduct financial fraud, cybercrime, fake digital arrests, drugs and narcotics in couriers, FedEx scams, and impersonating government and police officials. The Telecom Service Providers already block international callers with Indian landline numbers and have also been directed by the DoT to block mobile calls.

Using Sanchar Saathi, users can report fraud cases, check the mobile numbers issued in their names, and disconnect the ones they did not take. The portal’s TAFCOP module assists in checking the genuineness of the device while buying a new mobile phone. The CEIR module can help block and track a lost or stolen phone.

The Chakshu mode facilitates reporting fraud, suspecting and unsolicited calls, SMSes, and WhatsApp messages. 

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