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Times Group partners with Pickleball Asia to launch World Series

4 Mar 2024

Pickleball is the fastest growing new sport, combining badminton, table tennis, and tennis. Times Group signed the JV to start the Pickleball World Series.

Times Group signed a joint venture agreement with Pickleball Asia, the Asian player community, to begin a new league called Pickleball World Series. The series will start in the US and move across continents, hosting six major events annually. The individual format of the World Series will have 64 players and six teams of four players each from different countries, including the US and India.

Pickleball World Rankings will grade players and allot them points, allowing them to qualify for the World Series. This ranking system will allow players to emerge from different corners of the world.

India is the growing hotspot for the new sport in town, Pickleball. The player community, Pickleball Asia, has gained 60 million players worldwide. Experts believe this sport will overtake tennis in the next decade. Pranav Kohli is heading Pickleball Asia and Pickleball United, which has become a prominent infrastructure provider.

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