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Zerodha Fund House to go live in two months

Ishita Nigam

31 Aug 2023

It is a digital-first mutual fund platform that will offer index funds starting from as low as ₹100.

There’s a new kid on the block in the fintech space. Zerodha’s new Asset Management Company (AMC) Zerodha Fund House is expected to launch within the next two months. The company received SEBI approval and is completing the formalities to go live with its product range.

Zerodha Fund House (ZFH) is a joint venture between Zerodha and fintech platform ‘smallcase’. It is a digital-first financial assistance company that aims to simplify how Indians invest in Mutual Funds, facilitate investor education, and raise awareness. It plans to offer passive products first, like index funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Index Funds are mutual funds that follow preset rules and imitate the performance and returns of specific market indexes. They offer a long-term, less risky form of investment.

ZFH offerings will begin with ticket sizes as low as ₹100 for most funds, although the exact amount will depend on the product.

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