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Zomato raises platform fee by 33% to ₹4

4 Jan 2024

Along with other online delivery providers, Zomato introduced a fee of ₹2 in August 2023.

Online food delivery giant Zomato raised platform fee to ₹4 effective January 1st, 2024. This fee charged per order was introduced at ₹2 in August 2023 and is levied on all orders in most metro cities along with the delivery charges.

The platform claimed to have delivered almost as many orders on New Year's Eve 2023 as on New Year’s Eve 2015 to 2020, six years combined. It had hiked its platform fee to ₹9 per order on December 31st, 2023.

Zomato waives the delivery fee for loyalty program Zomato Gold members, but the platform fee is levied on all orders. The platform fee is considered a significant contributing factor to its Profit After Tax figures in Q2 FY2024, which surged 71% to ₹36 crore compared to just ₹2 crore the previous quarter.

Swiggy started levying the platform fee of ₹2 in April 2023, which was then raised to ₹3.

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