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A Salestor’s Holiday Movie List - I

The holiday season is upon us and it happens to be a time of mixed feelings for a Salestor. For those who achieved their targets for the year, or till Q3, kudos! You can spend the Christmas and New Year’s eve sans follow up calls from you boss.

For those who struggled, I thought of publishing a list of movies that serve an all-time inspiration and rekindle the resilience that you had in the beginning of the year. So let’s start with the Made in India flicks first!


Available on Netflix. This is another master piece which shows the never-say-die spirit of Guru Bhai. A Gujju business man at heart, he teaches more than just undeterred focus and self-confidence to us Salestors. And of course, if you keep your eyes and ears open, you can find an opportunity and turn it into a golden one any time!

Rocket Singh

Available on amazon prime video. This is a pure sales saga, with the graph literally growing upwards, beginning with extreme failures. A story which shows that you can be brutally honest as a Salestor and create wonders. All that matters is resilience, conviction and honesty (at least with your staff and clients!).

Band Baaja Baraat

Available on amazon prime video. Keeping the love story apart, the flick had some interesting anecdotes for us Salestors. Self-confidence and right connections is the key! Also, you must know that you are at times dependant on others for success.

Special 26

Available on Netflix. No, I don’t mean we Salestors can learn how to dupe, but we surely can learn how to be confident and a great planner in everything that we do! And of course, deep market knowledge never fails you!

Badmaash Company

Available on amazon prime video (in case you care!). Yeah, I included a commercial disaster in the list too! There are certain points that we can capture from this flick. Your approach needs to change with every new client, every new situation. There is always a way to turn around a failure (the changing colour of the blue shirt incident). And, whatever happens, it is ultimately your connections that save the day!

Watch out for the list of Hollywood flicks for us Salestors in the next piece! Stay tuned!

Have some more suggestions for such inspirational movies? Please share in the comments below! And show some ❤️, people!

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