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A Salestor’s Holiday Movie List - Hollywood

Merry Christmas, Salestors!

After the Bollywood list, here I look at 5 Hollywood flicks that will charge, or recharge the Salestor within you.

Wolf of Wall Street

Available on amazon prime video. A story that breathes sales in and out. The protagonist Jordan Belfort is a Salestor at heart, and at mind. A zillion things that a Salestor can pick up from here, top three being an undying thirst for brighter opportunities, having the right people by your side and, of course, self-confidence that takes you higher and higher.

The Founder

Available on both Netflix and amazon prime video. From the despicable chicken-and-eggs pitch to ruthless crosses-and-flags speech, Ray Kroc showed some aggressive never-say-die spirit that got him the success he was dying for. A must watch for Salestors!

The Pursuit of Happyness

Available on amazon prime video. I have watched, re-watched, and re-watched this masterpiece again and again not just for the highly inspiring true life story of Chris Gardner, but also for Will Smith. He reasserts the significance of motivation in achieving your goals. A fight for survival till the end can be really rewarding.

Catch Me If You Can

Available on amazon prime video. An all time favourite. What can you not achieve through sheer confidence and presence of mind. I don’t mean a Salestor can learn how to dupe, but to communicate effectively and turn any situation around to our benefit.

Love and Other Drugs

Available on amazon prime video. Good acting, good direction and good storyline. This entertainer is centred around the life of a shrewd Pharmaceutical Salestor, Jake Randall. Watch out for the steady rise in his life along with bucket load of entertainment over this long weekend.

There are a few more masterpieces like Glengarry Glen Ross and Promised Land that are pure sales flicks and definitely worth watching, available on Watch out for a list of best series for us Salestors. Coming soon on your screens!

Have a great weekend!

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