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A Salestor’s List of Web Series

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

And finally, 2020 is going to be in the hindsight in a few hours. Feels surreal, doesn’t it?

In the third instalment of A Salestor’s Holiday List, I take up certain series one can watch.

Shark Tank

Available on Netflix. This show can work as a Bible for us Salestors. You just might find some of the best pitches in this masterpiece of a show.

And what can we say about the addiction and adrenaline rush this one gives!

Self Made

Available on Netflix. The story of growth of Madam CJ Walker, from rags to riches.

From the world telling her “I don’t think sales is for you.” to she realising that “Hair’s in my blood!” Self-Made is a limited series worth a watch.

Mad Men

Available on amazon prime.

“Let’s just say tomorrow, tobacco weevil comes and eats away every last Old Gold, would you stop smoking then or would you go to my Lucky Strikes?”

“No, I guess I will find the way. I love smoking!”

“The issue isn’t why should people smoke. It is why should people smoke Lucky Strikes.”

This opening pitch from the pilot episode paves way for many more such anecdotes in the life of an ad guy who is a Salestor at heart. Surely qualifies as a binge-watch for us Salestors!

White Gold

Available on Netflix.

“He could sell ice to the eskimos”

“Salesmen are like vampires, never invite one into your house. Once you do, we won’t leave your side until we taste blood.”

And he sold the windows to the customer who had bought the same windows from him three weeks back (huh?!).

Set in 1980’s, the show breathes, eats and sleeps sales. A fun watch for every Salestor!

Scam 1992

Available on Sony Liv. If you don’t have the subscription, you will not regret buying one just to watch this true story.

There are a zillion things a Salestor can gather from this Risk Se Isq series, but it qualifies as a must-watch just for the adrenaline rush and unadulterated entertainment for a Salestor!

Ultimately, it is all about the profit!

It’s been one unprecedentedly interesting year. Watch out for some interesting anecdotes coming up in 2021 on Salestors 2.1

Stay tuned!

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