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Things We Can Learn from Joe Biden as a Salestor

It’s been almost a month that Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States. It was a dream-like victory, unlike any the country has seen in a long time. It wasn’t just being the option other than Trump, or the presence of the first female Vice President candidate of the country by his side. It was mainly his decades' long journey in politics that went by and what he stands for.

Joe Biden’s father was a salesman who sold cars. And people say the son has all the moves of a true Sales person. He is a Salestor at heart.

Here are five things that we sales people, Salestors, can learn from Joe Biden.

Be a People’s Person

Mark Bowden mentions an incident in The Atlantic narrated by Cris Barrish, now a senior reporter for The News Journal of Wilmington, Delaware. This anecdote depicts Joe Biden’s people skills. He says “I remember being in a cheesesteak shop in Claymont, just outside Wilmington, just eating dinner by myself one night years ago, when Joe came in to order something, It was like royalty or Jesus Christ himself had walked in. He didn’t know a reporter was watching, so none of this was for my benefit, but he charmed everybody in that place for a full five minutes. He knew the names of all the women behind the counter. Everyone seemed to want a piece of him, to touch him. That was the first time I fully appreciated the appeal he enjoys in this state.”

Be a Survivor

Resilience pays. Joe Biden has survived a lot of storms in his personal and professional life alike. He became Delaware’s senate at 30, the sixth youngest ever. He lost the run for the Presidential campaign twice, but never gave up.

Speak Right

Joe overcame his childhood stuttering problem to become a great speaker. He is a deal maker, who believes in bonding with people using his experiences and delivering promises. His favourite tagline? "Here's the deal!"

Know Your Competition

His biggest USP and the focus of his campaign was that he is not Trump. But that wasn't all. He talked extensively about the things he will do on Day One to reverse the effects of bad decisions made by the outgoing President. His addresses rolled out his plans regarding especially the fight against Covid-19 and Immigration Bill, decisions which had created quite an uproar.

Gain the Trust

An excellent orator that he is, Biden has always used communication to build trust with the audience, using his own experiences to forge the bond. The same showed in his “Let's give each other a chance” victory speech as President-elect.

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